About the Cookies

Jake’s Bakes is different from your traditional cookie company because we deliver them straight from the oven to your door. Our cookies were not baked yesterday, or even this morning. They are baked and packaged only minutes before they arrive at your location, creating the ultimate pleasure of fresh-made goodness without the hassle of doing it yourself.

Jake believes every person should enjoy all-natural foods and takes great care to develop recipes that contain natural ingredients. We use only unbleached flour in our recipes and are proud that no hydrogenated oils are in our products. We do disclose that the only ingredient in our kitchen that is not 100 percent natural is the M&Ms from our M&M cookies.

We think you will taste the difference in our cookies in many ways so give us a call or order online. We’d love to deliver a box of fresh baked cookies to you today!

Note: At this time we do not have any gluten-free, vegan or dairy-free options. As we build our menu, we will explore the viability of these cookies as well.