Nashville Scene article for Jake’s Bakes launch day:

“As a lifelong night owl, I’m particularly keen on any new business catering to those with nighttime hours. Too many bakeries are putting the chairs on the tables and mopping floors just when I’m ready to go out for a snack…”

Nashville Scene advises Valentine’s Day go-ers to take a look at Jake’s Bakes:

“For a holiday that’s supposed to be all about love, Valentine’s Day is actually quite polarizing. But even if you fall into the camp that believes V-Day is a fake holiday invented by the people who manufacture candy hearts and greeting cards, your cynicism shouldn’t prevent you from eating something sweet on Feb. 14 this year, even if you’re single — you don’t need a sweetheart to indulge your sweet tooth…”

News 2 Nashville video #2 

Local Vlogger, Nicki D, hosts Jake’s Bakes for an episode of NickiDtv: