"As a lifelong night owl, I'm particularly keen on any new business catering to those with nighttime hours. Too many bakeries are putting the chairs on the tables and mopping floors just when I'm ready to go out for a snack." -Nashville Scene on Jake's Bakes Initial Launch

"Delivering flowers to your girlfriend? So 2012. Show her you really care by sending her something that says, "I love you, even if you can no longer fit in your skinny pants." That is the real definition of true love." -Nashville Scene on How to Score on Valentine's Day

"Sweet tooth that won't stop? Leave that to Jake's Bakes. Stuck for a thank you gift? Leave that to Jake's Bakes." -USA Today, Top 10 Restaurants in Nashville

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors stopped by the shop

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors stopped by the shop

"Cookies can be your best friend when you're lonely, your ice-breaker at a new office, and sometimes the only thing that will get your 4-year-old to stop talking for 45 consecutive seconds. Like Oprah, they're universally adored." -The Tennessean, 5 to Try


"Over the course of the night, he is a measly two for eight in parchment-paper free throws, a field-goal percentage that doesn't amuse him: "I'm usually more on point than this. I don't know what's going on." But Jake doesn't have time to dwell on his missed shots. He has cookies to deliver and cookies in the oven." -December 2012 Cover Story for Native Magazine

Our "Classic" Polar Bake made the list of 27 Things to Eat in Nashville Before You Die. -Spoon University

"Now's the time to stop feeling sorry for yourself, let Jake put that smile (temporarily) back on your face and get back to work." -Spoon University on Delivering Smiles




"Never, ever heard of you guys until today when a fortunate co-worker of mine received one of your warm, delectable, most thoughtful gifts…warm cookies at our office. I was truly impressed by the “deliciousness” of it all and the concept…because EVERYone   knows there’s nothing better than a tasty cookie right out of the oven…YOU ROCK!" -- Deborah

"Great job to you and your team!!!! You make me look good!" -- Mario

"My name is Rachael -- I placed an order from you guys today from all the way up in Boston. I just wanted to let you know that my friend (to whom I had the delivery made) and her coworkers all raved about the warm cookies and cold milk. I wish I could remember the gentleman I spoke to on the phone as he was really fantastic to deal with. If any of my Nashville friends need a good cookie, you can rest assured Jake's Bakes will get a glowing recommendation from me. Thanks so much for great cookies and service." -- Rachael

"The cookie cake was delicious. There was not a crumb left. Not one single crumb. Thank you!" -- Emily