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Below is our simple — but delicious! — menu. Order on this website or call us at 615-645-5916. Check out these pages if you have a question about where we deliver, our delivery policies or browse our FAQ (out of area delivery, time of last order, etc.).

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Cookies — The heart and soul of Jake’s Bakes!

Chocolate Chip – The treat that inspired Jake’s Bakes. You can’t beat the taste of this warm chocolaty classic.

M&M – Add a little color to your day! Plain M&M’s are the star in this simple but popular cookie.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip — We take our great oat-filled dough, add Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips and end up with deliciousness.

Oatmeal Raisin — For a tasty non-chocolaty cookie, give Jake’s version of this classic a whirl!

Peanut Butter — Made with all-natural, one-ingredient peanut butter! If you love peanut butter, this cookie is as pure as it comes!

Snickerdoodle — Cinnamon and sugar are the stars in this simple yet oh so addictive treat!

Triple Chocolate – This combination of Semi-Sweet and Dark Chocolate Chips mixed into our chocolate dough is sure to satisfy Nashville’s chocoholics.

White Chocolate Almond — Soft all-natural White Chocolate Chips combine with crunchy almonds in this tasty treat!


DrinksYou could order cookies without milk, but why would you want to?

Skim Milk
2% Milk
Whole Milk
Chocolate Milk
Bottled Water

Milk comes in half-pint cartons. Water comes in 16.9-ounce bottles.


Price Chart — Driver tips are appreciated!

1/2 Dozen: 12.81 1 1/2 Dozen: 23.99 3 Dozen: 41.99 Each additional dozen: Add 11
1 Dozen: 15.99 2 Dozen: 30.99 4 dozen: 52.99 Drinks: Milk and Water: 1.29 each

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