Who is Jake?

Since graduating from college, I have turned a Bachelor of Journalism into a start-up warm cookie delivery business… just the way I planned it.
The business’s elevator store: It all started on a drive home from the beach with Liz. We were craving something warm and chocolaty and wondered: Don’t others crave warm chocolaty things?. With nothing more than that idea and some mad taste-testing skills, I spent the next eight months trying out recipes, searching for a place to bake commercially and learning how to start a business. And here we are!
I’m not a Nashville native, but after eight-plus years living here it’s definitely home. I am fascinated by the growth of this city and enjoy meeting new people each day. I have a yogi wife, a fluffy dog and the forgiveness of both for seeing them so infrequently.
I am humbled by this city’s support of Jake’s Bakes and look forward to serving many more warm cookies to you and your friends in the future!