+ How do I order for someone else?

It’s easy! Fill out the order form to indicate the recipient’s name, address and phone number, and a gift message if you’d like to include one. Gift deliveries to a home requesting a ‘surprise delivery’ without a call-ahead will be left on the porch if the door and/or provided phone number are not answered. We do not accept surprise deliveries to secured condos, apartments or dorm rooms. Jake’s Bakes takes no responsibility for orders that are damaged and/or stolen. Additionally, please include your own name and number so that we can alert you with any problems.

+ Can I attach a note with my delivery?

Absolutely! Though we do write straightforward notes with the same handwriting as all others, our staff enjoys humorous and thoughtful notes as well. But please, no essays. All notes are complimentary and come on a Jake’s Bakes fold-over card. To ask for a note in your online order, include the note-to-be in the “Special Message” box. You may also call the shop.

+ How long does a delivery typically take?

ASAP daytime orders typically take 1-1.5 hours to deliver unless scheduled in advance. Evening orders are usually within an hour unless we are stacked up. Delivery times are not guaranteed.

+ When do deliveries begin?

Deliveries begin 45 minutes after our shop opens. If you have any questions or concerns about timing, please give us a call at the shop.

+ Can I specify how many of each flavor I get in my order?

Yes, your order may contain different varieties. The number of varieties depends on the amount of cookies you order. 1 Dozen = 3 varieties; 1 1/2 Dozen = 4 varieties; 2 and 3 Dozen = 6 varieties; 4 Dozen or more = 8 varieties. If you are having trouble with the online system, please call the shop and our team will take care of you!

+ Am I within the delivery range?

See our delivery map, located here. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Delivery Information

+ Do you ever deliver outside of your stated range?

During business hours, we work with a courier service that can take orders wherever you would like them to go. We pass along the cost of the courier service to you. Prices for the courier's 2-hour service start at $20 and go up depending on the distance and time it takes to reach the destination. If you have a very large order, we may be able to accommodate the delivery ourselves though there will also be an additional delivery fee attached to these orders. To see if we can work something out, feel free to give us a call!

+ If I have allergies, can I still order Jake’s Bakes?

We do offer a Gluten-Free cookie, but at this time, we do not offer other dietary-restricted cookies. We cannot guarantee any cookies will be 100% allergen free; our cookies may contain traces of milk, eggs, wheat, tree nuts and/or peanuts. All of our dough is produced using shared equipment.

+ How do you select the ingredients for the cookies?

Jake believes every person should enjoy all-natural foods and takes great care to develop recipes that contain natural ingredients. We use only unbleached flour in our recipes and are proud that no hydrogenated oils are in our products. We do disclose that the only ingredient in our kitchen that is not 100 percent natural is the M&Ms from our M&M cookies. We think you will taste the difference in our cookies in many ways so give us a call or order online. We’d love to deliver a box of fresh baked cookies to you today!

+ Will you donate to local events, charities, etc?

We definitely try to donate where we can, however we receive a ton of requests and have discovered that our impact goes furthest when we donate more cookies to fewer events. Thus we spend most of our available resources on charitable events and organizations close to Jake and Liz (Mrs. Bakes)'s hearts; mainly Small World Yoga, organizations relating to health and wellness, and youth mentorship.

If you feel like your organization may benefit from Jake's Bakes' cookies, Please direct any emails to jake@jakesbakesnashville.com with the following information:

– Name/Date/Time of Event

– Contact info, including host organization

– Number of people attending

– Location

– Donation Requested

We review all donation requests within 30 days and will respond accordingly. If we are not able to fulfill your request at this time, it is nothing personal to you or your organization. We wish you the very best of luck!

+ Am I able to order for multiple people, as gifts, at once? (i.e. corporate orders, client lists)

Yes, e-mail Jake with the following for each client: contact name, delivery address, contact phone number, desired order and gift note. We will follow up with a quote and price for your complete order. Jake@JakesBakesNashville.com.

+ Do you cater or handle larger, custom orders?

Although we don't "cater" in the typical sense, we do take custom orders all the time! Since we eat them often, we think our cookies and milk make great additions to any event. We have serviced a wide variety of events including weddings, corporate meetings, rehearsal dinners, overnight parties, etc. The great thing about our small business is that we can work with your ideas in just about any capacity! If you would like more information on how to place a custom order or to receive a quote, please email Jake at Jake@JakesBakesNashville.com

+ Can I drop something off for you to deliver with my order?

Of course! Please bring your item(s) in a bag marked with your name and the recipient’s name. Please make sure you have checked with the shop to verify the dimensions of your specific packaging is suitable for our products.

+ Can I stop in and pick up some cookies without ordering ahead?

Yes, please do! Come visit us at 2422 Elliston Place, Nashville 37203. We have a case filled with fresh-baked cookies throughout the day, though we purposefully keep the quantity of cookies in the case limited. If you have a specific desire (3 dozen snickerdoodles, for example), please call ahead and let us know to bake your specific order. After all, that's what we do best!

+ What payment types do you accept?

We accept cash, all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), and corporate checks.

+ Are you hiring?

We’re a small company but we are up to BIG things. We love to have fun, make some delicious cookies and deliver them to happy recipients all over town. If you’re not afraid of busting your butt, impromptu dance sessions and making people happy, we want you on our team! We are continuously looking for the right person to join our team. If you are interested in joining our staff, e-mail Paxton to inquire at Paxton@JakesBakesNashville.com