JAKE'S BAKES is a Nashville-based, warm cookie delivery company founded for the purpose of bringing happiness to Music City. Whether you order for yourself or as a gift for someone else, we specialize in delivering smiles to all of our recipients. We are family owned and live right here in Nashville!

I get asked all the time why I started this business and the bottom line is that I enjoy making people happy. Everyone is happy to see the cookie guy!

This is Jake... and the Story of His Bakes
     Hi, I'm Jake and I like to make people happy. That's the story of this business. We exist to share that happiness with as many people as we possibly can. Thanks so much for your interest in me, my family and our business!

     My story is pretty simple. Although I was born in Tennessee, I grew up in Texas and eventually went to school there for a degree in Journalism. I moved to Nashville in 2006 for my first big-boy job and have been here ever since. During that time, I married Liz (best decision ever!), lost my editing job during the recession and found another job working with a youth sports organization. And it's really a combination of those big events that led to this business getting off the ground.

    The idea itself was hatched while we were on a beach vacation in May 2012. I spent the next seven months crafting my perfect chocolate chip cookie, finding a "home base" and figuring out how to be an entrepreneur...all while working full time. We opened from the back of a catering kitchen in January 2013 and have been going strong ever since.

     I am constantly humbled by the great people in this city and nothing makes me and my team happier than to hear that we served you well.

     When I'm not in the shop, I enjoy running, playing a variety of sports, traveling with Liz and spending time with my two dogs. We also support Liz's non-profit yoga organization here in Nashville (Small World Yoga) and her summer stand-up paddleboard business (Nashville Paddle Company). 

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