Who is Jake?

“Since graduating from college, I have turned a Bachelor of Journalism into a start-up hot cookie delivery business… just the way I planned it back then. So how’d I get here?
There’s no specific short story but the cryptic short version is that it started on the drive home from the beach with Liz. We were craving something warm and chocolaty and, well, salt water and white sand gives you crazy ideas apparently. With nothing more than that idea and some mad skills I’ve picked up over the last three decades, I spent the next eight months trying out recipes, searching for a place to bake commercially and learning how to start a business. And here we are!
I’m not a Nashville native, but after seven-plus years living here it’s definitely home. I am fascinated by the people in this city and enjoy meeting new faces each day. I have a yogi wife, a fluffy dog and friends who love to taste-test.
I am humbled by this city’s support of Jake’s Bakes and look forward to serving many more warm cookies to you and your friends in the future!”